NIGHTOWL'S   Sight Options


Whenever a revolver barrel is removed (for crowning, barrel cylinder gap, forcing cone, throating, etc.), every effort is made to assure it is replaced in exactly the same orientation as it was before removal. This is so the front sight is straight up and down, and the windage blade on adjustable sighted guns will be near the center. Witness marks in a concealed area are the method used. When the gun has adjustable sights, turning into the witness mark usually is satisfactory, if the windage is off a bit, the sight can be dialed to center. It will usually be within 2 to 3 inches point of aim at 25 yards. Often, the sights are right on point of aim.

If the gun has fixed sights, often the regulation is correct. But sometimes it is not and the 2 to 3 inch error is excessive. The only way to be sure is to shoot the gun. With few exceptions, no revolver is shot for regulation unless specified by the customer. The exceptions are the Flat Top conversion, S&W sights on the Vaquero and some custom front sights. "Test Firing" - Ammunition is extra.

Be aware, not everyone sees sights the same, and what is sighted in for me may not be sighted in for you. Historically, there has not been a problem in this area, but the issue has been raised. Also, ammunition has an obvious effect.

If your guns sights are poorly regulated, either fixed or adjustable, they can be corrected if you send a target showing the point of aim, and the range.