NEWSLETTER                                                                             Spring 2014


Shooting in Utah County, Utah

Springs is coming up shortly are you ready to get outside and punch some holes in paper, tin cans or specialty targets with your rimfires, centerfires or smokepoles? 

Now is the time to get those guns serviced, repairs made and ready for a new season of shooting sports available in Utah. Nightowl's Gunsmithing is in full swing doing what is needed to get you and yours ready. If you haven't checked your firearms or not gotten those needed repairs call Ray at 801-964-6846. Be ready this year.

Shown below in this issue are shooting ranges here in Utah County. Each issue we'll provide some other locations in other counties within the state.

Have fun and come by, we would love to see you.  Ray Federico


Provo Shooting Sports Park

Squaw Peak Road, Provo Canyon, Provo, UT 84604  801-852-6606.

The Provo Shooting Sports Park is an inclusive firearms education and training facility where local residents, shooting clubs, community groups, and shooting sports competitors can enjoy the shooting sports in a safe and controlled environment. Provo's law enforcement professionals also train at this facility.

New shooters are always welcome!
The park is conveniently located two miles up Provo Canyon, then 3/4 mile up Squaw Peak Road and is now one of the most versatile shooting locations in the region. Features include the following:

Rifle Range     
8 Covered firing lanes, each with four potential target stand distances of:  50 feet, 25 yards, 50 yards and 100 yards maximum.
4 additional covered firing lanes, each with three potential target stand distances of: 7 yards, 50 feet and 25 yards maximum.

Handgun Range 
20 covered firing lanes, each with four potential target stand distances of 7 yards, 50 feet, 25 yards and 50 yards.


Consider the following when you come:

  • Paper Targets - Please bring your paper targets or purchase them on site from the RSO for .25 cents a sheet.

  • Hearing protection -  Foam ear plugs work well or purchase them from the RSO for .25 cents a pair.

  • Eye protection is required – bring your own glasses or purchase them from the RSO on site.

  • Firearm – bring your firearm to the range, unloaded, in a case and action open.

  • Reservations: Private groups may make a request to reserve exclusive time at either the rifle or handgun range by calling the Parks Division at 801-852-6606 to make a request.  If approved, a Range Safety Officer will then be scheduled to provide gate access and supervise the activity on site. Download a reservation request form.

Shotgun Sports             
All shotgun shooting at the park must be coordinated through the Provo Gun Club.  Please note: there are no “throw your own” facilities at the site. The club operates 4 trap, one 5-stand and 2 skeet shotgun fields and are open to the public on Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons.

 New shooters are always welcome and instruction is available for the beginning shooter to the high competition level.  For information regarding instruction, competition and group events, call 801-437-0595  or check their website at:   Range Safety


Officers are available during open hours to answer any questions you may have.

Come to the Provo Shooting Sports Park to learn something new, hone your shooting skills and have a great time with good people.


Provo Gun Club

386 West 500 South, Orem, UT 84058   801-224-4374

The Provo Gun Club is a club that was "built by shooters, operated by volunteers." As such, we strive to keep costs down, equipment well maintained, and activity level high. You will not find a more inviting and thoughtful group of shooters in Utah. The club does not require membership to shoot but strongly encourages it. Members are afforded monthly news of upcoming shoots, better pricing, and more affiliation with other great shooters.


Range Masters of Utah

712 West 1300 North, Springville, UT 84663   801-491-0909


Rangemasters is a modern indoor shooting facility equipped with 13 static paper target lanes and 3 Advanced Interactive System Lanes. The range also accommodates large caliber, centerfire rifle shooting up to 50 BMG cartridges.


Rangemasters serves the general public, law enforcement agencies, scouting, church, and work groups. Reservations are only required for large private groups and where a portion of the range facilities will be dedicated to a sole group.


In addition to the range facilities, Rangemasters offers a large storefront with a wide selection of shooting supplies and accessories as well as new and used firearms for sale or rent. We maintain a large reloading section with Dillon presses. A variety of sub-machine and machine guns are also available for rent. 


Spanish Fork Gun Club

2445 Spanish Oaks Drive, Spanish Fork, UT 84660   801-798-1479

This club originated in 1972 by a small group of volunteers. Through their efforts and the continued time, effort and dedication of volunteers they have grown to be one of the finest shooting facilities in the country. The gun club is located near the mouth of Spanish Fork Canyon; in the heart of the Wasatch Mountains, overlooking beautiful Utah Valley. The club’s unique setting and high visibility allows people from all over the United States to shoot great scores.  Traps include 12 program, 1 practice all with voice release (1 wobble trap).


One Happy Customer

"The repairs required and service on my weapons was excellent.  Ray was very thoughtful and I would recommend Nightowl's Gunsmithing Services to anyone from novice to expert."

George Javris.